Understanding the Seller’s Needs

This interesting discussion between Adrian Abel & Jon Bahen from Abel Property explores the knowledge and understanding of seller’s needs by two of WA’s most experienced real estate professionals.

Video Transcribed below:

Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel and I am here with Jon Bahen today from Abel Property Cottesloe. Jon, I wanted to ask you a question. When you’re listing a property, how much work goes into you understanding your seller’s needs?

Jon: Thanks, Adrian. Well, before you sit down and map out a selling program, it’s really essential you fully understand the seller’s motivations in selling a property and some of those circumstances around them. Because when you get to… well when you design the selling program, you can tailor that to meet their needs.

Adrian: Well hang on a second, doesn’t every seller just want the highest price?

Jon: Price is always a considerable factor in the negotiation or the sale of a property but there are many other factors…

Adrian: Like?

Jon: Settlement, time for instances… is often very critical.

Adrian: Because they might have bought something else or have a deadline to move… or something along those lines?

Jon: Shifting for jobs, relocating for schools. And so, when they sit down in the negotiation with a buyer, having that knowledge, gives you the opportunity include plenty of conditions that might suit both buyer and seller. It becomes a win-win – it’s not all about the price.

Adrian: Do you find some sellers are nervous about going into a full-blown, heavy marketing campaign and would be interested in a more private sale?

Jon: Well, absolutely. All seller’s circumstances are different. So, it is a matter of tailoring up a marketing campaign that suits those seller’s needs.

Adrian: I think you’ve finished perfectly it Jon. For a customised marketing campaign that suits your needs as a seller, give Jon a call.


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