Buying at Christmas by Brett van Son

Should I be considering selling my home over the Christmas period?

There are many reasons why you should be selling over the Christmas period:

1. A lot of people have their leave over Christmas so they have more time to go and look at property’s Monday – Friday in comparison to just on the weekends.
2. A lot of agents will go away on holidays, so those agents that stay in Perth have a captive audience of the buyers that are available over the Christmas period like myself.
3. Finally, it’s the new year’s resolutions coming into 2018. People make new decisions and real estate is always on the top of many peoples lists there so they are actively thinking about real estate over this period of time.

Thanks again for listening and I really hope you have a great Christmas and like I said, I am available over the Christmas period so if you need any help, please give me a call.


If you’d like more information, please call Brett


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