Screening Tenants by Angelina Tucci

How to find the best tenant

First impressions count when selecting a new tenant, and that is why we like to conduct all of our own viewings ourselves. That way, we can meet, screen and assess the tenants from the minute we meet them. You can tell a lot from a person just by meeting them: how well they’re presented, how their children behave, and how clean their car is. These are all pretty good indicators of how good of a tenant they will be for you and how well they will care for your property.

This gives us a chance to get to know them, ask about their current situation, their rental history and also their plans for the future. What looks great on paper, doesn’t always stack up in person.

After they have viewed the property, we provide them with an application form that they will need to complete so that we can check their employment details, their rental history, and both business and personal references. We also require that they provide us with 100 points of identification so that we can make sure they are who they say they are.

We have access to several databases where we can check their references, check their history and cross reference any information that they provide.

Once we have processed their application, carried out the database checks and are satisfied that they are going to be great tenants for you, we will contact you to discuss the application and that way you can make a decision on whether or not you are happy to select these tenants.

Our experience with selecting great tenants over the years is second to none and we have such a great selection of tenants in our portfolio that we are so proud of. Sometimes we just know when the right tenant for the right property comes along and is the perfect fit, we call them ‘the one’.

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