Property Management Process by Dani McGufficke

What does a property manager do?

Essentially being a property manager in any real estate agency, the main purpose of your job as a property manager is to maintain your clients most important asset. You do this through communication between the owner and a tenant. So, in my opinion, one of the most important tasks that you need to is maintain that relationship because what it does is it creates a longevity of the relationship and it allows the tenant to be comfortable in their home for whatever period that may be.

What it also does is assures your client, the owner, the satisfaction of having that long-term security of a tenant. That’s one of the most important things.


The process of your daily routine as a property manager – there are lots of tasks you need to do. It’s about being in routine, you need to have impeccable time management skills, you need to be proactive, you need to understand people liaison, good communication and you just need to be able to work under pressure but also enjoy the thrill of that challenge because it is daily. You can come into work one day and assume that you have tasks to work on and they could go right out the door if you have a hot water system that needs fixing, and that becomes your crisis. So, learning how to work in crisis is vital.


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