Three Top Tips on Choosing a Real Estate Agent by Carolyn May

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is important to maximise on that investment.

Real estate agents are experts when it comes to property. Choosing the right one for you can make a big difference in the price you pay/receive and the time it takes to find/sell a house. This blog will provide some tips to help you choose the right agent for your property needs.

Family & Friends are a great place to start

Tip number one is to always ask family and friends what sort of experiences they have had when buying and selling in the local area. Find out which agents they have used or had an interaction with; would they recommend them and did they work in their best interest at all times?

Do your research and get the details

Tip number two I highly recommend, is that you go online and do some research on the agent that you are thinking of using. Have a look at what properties they have sold, how many they have sold in the area and their listing price versus selling price. We suggest asking for a list of properties that they have dealt with in your area. You want to be given information on not only what the property sold for, but also, the price at which it was originally listed.

Online real estate forums are good for reviews!

Lastly, tip number three is to have a look on some of the forums available online. Go onto the likes of Rate My Agent and be sure to have a look at some of the testimonials for sellers and buyers. From reviews and other platforms, you can get a better idea of whether they are the right sort of agent for you and whether you believe they will be the best advocate for your property.

Choosing the right agent for you is one of the most important decisions to start you in the right direction. If you are buying or selling real estate be sure that you have the right person to help you with your property needs.


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