When Is The Right Time To Market?


There are three main things to think about when choosing the right time to go to market:

  1. When does your house look great?

    Some houses really reflect well in the summer. When you have lots of bright light, patios, pool, and entertainment areas. Others reflect particularly well in winter, where you get cozy rooms, wood lit fires, and lovely vistas over the garden.

  2. Choose the time of year that works for you and your family.

    Sometimes there’s a financial need and it doesn’t work to wait for another season.

  3. Look at market trends.

    The only times to avoid are December and January, over that Christmas and New Year period. Other times of the year depend on your home, when buyers are out, and generally, they’re always out for a reasonable property, and competition.

    Spring produces more properties on the market and quite often that can have a negative effect on prices because buyers want to look at more properties before they make a choice; in winter there are less properties available and buyers feel the need to make a choice based on their lifestyles.

These are the three things to think about when choosing the time to go to market, but primarily, get professional advice from a competent agent and look at your own personal financial needs.

As always you can call me (Adrian Abel) or email me if you would like an more in depth discussion on the right time to market your home.

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