Buying for Country Buyers

Abel Property discusses how its buyers division can assist country buyers in securing property in Perth. See the full video transcription below.

Adrian: Adrian Abel and Yanti, Abel Property Buyer’s Agency. Yanti, we’ve been doing a series on the different areas of buyer’s agency that you feel you can be particularly helpful with. One of those is country buyers; tell me, what area or category does typically it fall into?

Yanti: I’ve worked with many buyers from the country over the years; so for example they’ve come from the region such as Esperance, Albany, Port Hedland, Northern, Meriden and they fall into couple of categories either than investors looking to invest in Perth, they’re planning to send their kids to school here or they may already have children attending school in Perth or they maybe just planning to move back to Perth at some point in the future.

Adrian: We love people who have sold their farms in coming to Perth.

Yanti: We do.

Adrian: Tell me, what are their pain points?

Yanti: Obviously, they’re not here so they can’t get to home opens, they see things online and by the time they get here they missed out the opportunity so it’s really helping them have someone be on the ground for them when the right option comes up.

Adrian: Not being on the ground also, what about market knowledge?

Yanti: Exactly, they usually don’t live in Perth, never lived in Perth or haven’t lived here for a long time so they don’t have current market knowledge on what prices are and their values.

Adrian: Fantastic. How do you think you can help them?

Yanti: Essentially, be their eyes and ears on the ground so look for options for them, give them the information and the analysis and maybe represent them if they decide to act.

Adrian: In particularly as well, you can be talking to agents that have properties off-market…

Yanti: That’s right.

Adrian: …because most often in my experience with country buyers is by the time they’ve seen it, all the good deals are gone…

Yanti: Yes.

Adrian: … or they’re coming to town once or twice a month and can’t get to negotiate.

Yanti: Yes, that’s exactly right.

Adrian: Any other pain points that you can alleviate? Dr Yanti? What about negotiating?

Yanti: Of course, yes! Negotiating, you know always do my best to secure properties for the best price but ultimately if I can secure my …

Adrian: The best price for the buyer. Here’s the difference folks because the selling agent is here to secure best price for the seller obviously that’s who we’re paid by, so somebody from the country

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