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Kyle Peters is one of the top real estate agents in the western suburbs in Perth Western Australia. Dealing with high end extremely high-quality properties he is an expert when it comes to providing you with the best ideas for preparing your property for sale and marketing. In this video, he talks to Adrian Abel the CEO of Abel Property about the most important considerations when preparing your home for sale. See below the transcription of the video.

Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel and I am with Kyle Peters from Abel Property Cottesloe office. Kyle, question for you, you have secured the listing, we’re going to market, we’ve got a budget, we’ll talk about it and I want to ask you, buyers are expecting more than ever nowadays, they’re very fussy and if they don’t like what they see they generally talk with their feet, which means they don’t come through the front door. What’s the importance, or is it very important to prepare your property properly?

Kyle: Adrian, I always believe in 6 P’s which is Prior, Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance.

Adrian: Piss poor performance?

Kyle: Well that the 7P’s. I am trying to keep it polite.

Adrian: It’s a family show, so what does that mean?

Kyle: It basically means to coin another phrase ‘you only get one chance at making a great first impression.’

Adrian: That’s right.

Kyle: The other thing is that when your property is appearing on the other sort of media such as drone photography, such as photographs of the property, you need to ensure when buyers first find your property that you’re actually put on a short-list. It’s what I find really interesting is that buyers don’t wake up in the morning and just decide that they’re going to go see every single property in the area. The internet is one of our greatest gifts, but it can also be a curse because if the property doesn’t present well there, you might not simply get the short-list and it’s pretty hard to get buyers to walk through the door.

Adrian: Another fascinating thing is that the quality of furniture and presentation gives buyers a sense of whether they can live in that space. They are not buying the furniture, but they are buying a lifestyle and you need to demonstrate what’s possible in that property.

Kyle: Exactly!

Adrian: And if it’s over-cluttered or dark photographs or poorly presented they think that’s not a lifestyle that I aspire to.

Kyle: No.

Adrian: but if it’s beautiful in serene then that’s what they want and therefore they will come and have a look.

Kyle: Correct. It’s really important to turn your home into a lifestyle product if you will that others can see themselves living in.

Adrian: Fantastic, and that’s what we sell. We sell lifestyle. So, we’ve got quality photographs, virtual tours, drone videos, photography all professionally done. Next time I am going to chat with you I want to know, now that you have got those wonderful materials, what are you going to do with it?

Kyle: Right.

Adrian: Abel Property – Cottesloe, Kyle Peters.

Kyle: Thank you!

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