It’s a Seller’s Market in Spring 2018

Kevin Dodd, Director at Abel Property Cottesloe talks with Adrian Abel about the flourishing seller’s market in North Fremantle and the Western suburbs of Perth in WA. See the full video transcription below.

Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel here and I am with Kevin Dodd from the Cottesloe Office of Abel Property. Kevin, we spoke a little bit last time about Spring and the likelihood of more properties coming to market. Are you starting to get a sense that this Spring is going to be a good time in the market in terms of buyer activity?

Kevin: Absolutely. We’ve already seen an increase in buyer enquiry and buyer demand during a traditionally quiet time, winter. So, I am really positive; spring is going to be a great time to put your property on the market.

Adrian: And over the winter season, have you seen the balance between buyers and sellers? Would you say, right now it’s a seller’s market or a buyer’s market in the western suburb’s microcosm?

Kevin: From personal experience, I think it is very much a seller’s market at the moment. There’s been a strong demand for the right type of property.

Adrian: Yes, and I am also seeing from my side that buyers are ready to make a decision.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Adrian: So they’re cashed, they’re ready. And this is a question, do you agree that this is the bottom of the market?

Kevin: I think we have already gone past the bottom of the market. From what I’ve seen and especially the entry level houses in the marketplace. There are buyers out there that have missed out on two, three properties because they weren’t prepared, and they weren’t prepared to pay enough.

Adrian: And in our experience, that’s the perfect buyer to walk into a home; that’s already missed out on two or three other properties.

Kevin: You can’t wait to get them.

Adrian: Okay. It’s going to be a busy Spring with Kevin Dodd, North Fremantle and Cottesloe Office.


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