Claremont Hidden Gems

The western suburbs has so much to offer with great shopping, safe neighbourhoods top class schools and beautiful parks and the beautiful western coastline is so near.
But you may not know there are some of the hidden gems amongst all this. Personally, I like to try and seek out the hidden

Review of Existing Loans by Tracey Lea Gilbert

Owning an investment property is an ongoing challenge.  From finding a tenant to maintaining the gardens and everything that happens in between.
One particular item that you may not have considered, is reviewing the loan that you first took out to buy the property!  This investment item

Building Inspection Reports in WA

What is a building inspection report? And do you need one?
For most people purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial decisions they will make in their life and it is always important to ensure due diligence on the home has been done. A building inspection report can be part of this

Why Auction?

In this video Why Auction video Adrian Abel the CEO of Abel Property discusses the value of Auctions in WA, why and when auction is the right choice as well as what to expect from the auction process for buyers, sellers and sales agents and agencies.
Video Transcript:
Adrian: Adrian

Adrian Abel and Jessica Brewer talk Property Management

In this informative video, Adrian Abel the CEO of Abel Property and Jessica Brewer a Senior Property Manager at Abel Property discuss the finer points of Property Management in the current economic environment in Western Australia. They also cover the changing scene and how it has affected


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