Location Location Location!

This well-known catchphrase expresses the fundamental idea that the area or location of a property is the most important factor in determining its worth. However, there are many additional variables that will determine how a location becomes valuable and whether it will remain so.

It’s a Seller’s Market in Spring 2018

Kevin Dodd, Director at Abel Property Cottesloe talks with Adrian Abel about the flourishing seller’s market in North Fremantle and the Western suburbs of Perth in WA. See the full video transcription below.
Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel here and I am with Kevin Dodd from the Cottesloe

Perth Western Suburbs Rental Market Update

With warmer weather upon us, the festive season fast approaching and the WA market diversifying, we are seeing enquiries picking up and we’re on the lookout for more properties in the area to meet demand. How does having a tenant lined up without having to market your property for rent sound? Well,

Has the Buyer Paid Their Best Price?

Jon Bahen and Adrian Abel discuss how to ascertain when a buyer has paid the best price for a property. Sometimes an agent feels they might have achieved a better price for a property and Adrian and Jon weigh up the factors that determine how to best calculate what price can be achieved versus

When is a Property Overpriced?

Nathan McIntosh and Adrian Abel talk about how to determine the true value of a property and what factors go into making this extremely important calculation. See full video transcription below.
Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel and I am here with Nathan McIntosh from Abel Property Cottesloe

CEO Quarterly Market Update – It’s Our Time

I am pleased to comment on the performance of the housing market in Perth over the July to September quarter. We live in interesting times – the difference in the Australian property market over the past 12 months has been extraordinary.
For the past few years, Sydney and Melbourne were

Property Marketing Trends 2018

Full video Transcription:
Adrian: Hello there, it’s Adrian Abel here from Abel Property and I am sitting here with Kyle Peters from our Cottesloe office. And I wanted to unpack a few questions for you.
Kyle: Sure!
Adrian: Tell me, you’ve been in the business for a long time now,


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