Sell before buying or buy before selling?

It’s a question that often comes up when looking to move to a new home.
While there are certain obvious advantages of selling your existing home first, there can also be ben­efits when the situation is reversed.
Abel Property Director Claude Iaconi explained the pros and cons for both

Homes staged to perfection

Presenting a home as attractively as possible before putting it on the market is nothing new; a fresh coat of paint, clearing the clutter and sprucing up the gardens are all part of selling a home.
Home staging, however, takes the idea of making a home look more attrac­tive to a whole new

Possums in Perth

Not as rare as you may think, sometimes we receive requests from our tenants to control a wide variety of pests and perhaps the least odious, but possibly the noisiest, are possums. Hearing thumping in the ceiling when you go to bed can be disconcerting, to say the least yet in the Perth


Thinking of selling or leasing your property?

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