Location Location Location!

This well-known catchphrase expresses the fundamental idea that the area or location of a property is the most important factor in determining its worth. However, there are many additional variables that will determine how a location becomes valuable and whether it will remain so.

Property Marketing Trends 2018

Full video Transcription:
Adrian: Hello there, it’s Adrian Abel here from Abel Property and I am sitting here with Kyle Peters from our Cottesloe office. And I wanted to unpack a few questions for you.
Kyle: Sure!
Adrian: Tell me, you’ve been in the business for a long time now,

More Buyers than Sellers

Nathan McIntosh is a respected property consultant working from the Abel Property Cottesloe office. In this video Nathan and Adrian Abel talk about the current market in the western suburbs. Currently, there are many buyers looking for properties making this a particularly good time

Understanding the Seller’s Needs

This interesting discussion between Adrian Abel & Jon Bahen from Abel Property explores the knowledge and understanding of seller’s needs by two of WA’s most experienced real estate professionals.
Video Transcribed below:
Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel and I am here with Jon

How to Refinance your Home Loans and Investment Loans

When was the last time you had a mortgage health check to see if you are on the most competitive interest rate?
By reviewing this regularly, you may secure a fantastic deal when you refinance, which will potentially save you thousands on your mortgage.
Abel Property’s in-house mortgage

Listing in Spring with Kevin Dodd & Adrian Abel


Video Transcript:
Adrian Abel: Hi, it’s Adrian Abel here and I am really pleased to be with Kevin Dodd, my fellow director at the Cottesloe office. Kevin a couple of quick question if I may; we are heading to Spring, coming out of a pretty cold and wet winter, and I just want to

Claremont Hidden Gems

The western suburbs has so much to offer with great shopping, safe neighbourhoods top class schools and beautiful parks and the beautiful western coastline is so near.
But you may not know there are some of the hidden gems amongst all this. Personally, I like to try and seek out the hidden

Building Inspection Reports in WA

What is a building inspection report? And do you need one?
For most people purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial decisions they will make in their life and it is always important to ensure due diligence on the home has been done. A building inspection report can be part of this

Why Auction?

In this video Why Auction video Adrian Abel the CEO of Abel Property discusses the value of Auctions in WA, why and when auction is the right choice as well as what to expect from the auction process for buyers, sellers and sales agents and agencies.
Video Transcript:
Adrian: Adrian

Renovating or Extending by Jon Bahen

Thinking of renovating or extending?
These are the key factors that you should consider in your plans.
The demographics of buyers drive what they are looking for in a home. It’s their age, number of kids, proximity to schools, amenities and sporting facilities. But these are common


Thinking of selling or leasing your property?

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