It’s a Seller’s Market in Spring 2018

Kevin Dodd, Director at Abel Property Cottesloe talks with Adrian Abel about the flourishing seller’s market in North Fremantle and the Western suburbs of Perth in WA. See the full video transcription below.
Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel here and I am with Kevin Dodd from the Cottesloe

Why North Fremantle is a Great Suburb for Downsizers

What is downsizing and why do people do it?
In real estate terms, to downsize is to reduce the size of one’s dwelling space. There are numerous reasons why people choose to move to a smaller home, they may have decided that a large home is uneconomical, the existing mortgage is too high,

Listing in Spring with Kevin Dodd & Adrian Abel


Video Transcript:
Adrian Abel: Hi, it’s Adrian Abel here and I am really pleased to be with Kevin Dodd, my fellow director at the Cottesloe office. Kevin a couple of quick question if I may; we are heading to Spring, coming out of a pretty cold and wet winter, and I just want to


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