Location Location Location!

This well-known catchphrase expresses the fundamental idea that the area or location of a property is the most important factor in determining its worth. However, there are many additional variables that will determine how a location becomes valuable and whether it will remain so.

Has the Buyer Paid Their Best Price?

Jon Bahen and Adrian Abel discuss how to ascertain when a buyer has paid the best price for a property. Sometimes an agent feels they might have achieved a better price for a property and Adrian and Jon weigh up the factors that determine how to best calculate what price can be achieved versus

Understanding the Seller’s Needs

This interesting discussion between Adrian Abel & Jon Bahen from Abel Property explores the knowledge and understanding of seller’s needs by two of WA’s most experienced real estate professionals.
Video Transcribed below:
Adrian: It’s Adrian Abel and I am here with Jon

Building Inspection Reports in WA

What is a building inspection report? And do you need one?
For most people purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial decisions they will make in their life and it is always important to ensure due diligence on the home has been done. A building inspection report can be part of this

Renovating or Extending by Jon Bahen

Thinking of renovating or extending?
These are the key factors that you should consider in your plans.
The demographics of buyers drive what they are looking for in a home. It’s their age, number of kids, proximity to schools, amenities and sporting facilities. But these are common

5 Tips for Home Opens by Jon Bahen

Create a killer home open!
There are many ways to make your property stand out at home opens. Below are 5 tips to get you started!

Tip #1
Prepare the garden early! It takes a long time to get a good garden, so make sure it’s nice and tidy.
Tip #2

Selling Off Market by Jon Bahen

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Why sell off market?
Off-market selling is where a property is sold without any public advertising. There are some circumstances where the importance of getting a deal done quickly for a reasonable price outweighs the alternative of going to the open market and negotiating

Introducing Cottesloe by Jon Bahen

As a Director of Abel Property Cottesloe, I would like to formally introduce this wonderful office.

We launched the business in June 2017 when we joined the Abel Property fold. We joined simply to join a larger network with better systems of marketing to help

The Buying Process by Jon Bahen

Not sure what the property buying process involves?
The buying process can be complicated at times, whether you are buying or selling your property. It’s worth getting advice before you go into contract, rather than after. There are some simple steps in buying a property.


Three Top Tips on Choosing a Real Estate Agent by Jon Bahen

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is important to maximise on that investment.
Real estate agents are experts when it comes to property. Choosing the right one for you can make a big difference in the price you pay/receive and the time it takes to find/sell a house. This blog


Thinking of selling or leasing your property?

Arrange your Market Appraisal
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