Adrian Abel & Jessica Brewer talk about Property Management (2018)

Video Transcript:
AA: Hi I’m Adrian Abel from Abel Property and I want to introduce to you today to Jess. Jess is one of our Property Managers who we’re really proud to have on board. Jess, how long have you been in the industry?
JB: I’ve been in the industry for almost 8 years

Development Strata Reform

Steve & Adrian’s recent catch up with UDIA and Rita Saffioti, Minister of Land & Transport, indicates new and exciting opportunity within the development sector!

Best time to buy in Perth since 2013

The latest REIWA Curtin Buy-Rent Index for the March 2018 quarter has revealed it’s the best time to buy in Perth since 2013.
The Index, released quarterly, assesses whether it’s better to buy or rent in Perth based on past and current trends in the economic and property market

Renovating or Extending by Jon Bahen

Thinking of renovating or extending?
These are the key factors that you should consider in your plans.
The demographics of buyers drive what they are looking for in a home. It’s their age, number of kids, proximity to schools, amenities and sporting facilities. But these are common

Landlord Insurance by Angelina Tucci

Why do you need Landlord Insurance?
Would you give the keys to your car to a complete stranger if your car had no insurance? As we cannot guarantee your tenant’s behavior or predict future changes in their circumstances, we insist that you have a comprehensive Landlord Insurance

5 Tips for Home Opens by Jon Bahen

Create a killer home open!
There are many ways to make your property stand out at home opens. Below are 5 tips to get you started!

Tip #1
Prepare the garden early! It takes a long time to get a good garden, so make sure it’s nice and tidy.
Tip #2

Buying at Christmas by Brett van Son

Should I be considering selling my home over the Christmas period?

There are many reasons why you should be selling over the Christmas period:
1. A lot of people have their leave over Christmas so they have more time to go and look at property’s Monday – Friday in comparison to

Good Time to Buy in WA by Damyn Strang

Is now a good time to buy in Western Australia?
Whilst I don’t have a crystal ball, I believe it’s a great time to build a new home in Western Australia. There are a number of reasons why.
Cost of money is the first, Interest rates are at record lows so there has never been a better

An Intimate Real Estate Conversation: Episode 4, Green Shoots/Opportunity

Two of Australia’s top Real Estate people discuss issues relating to the WA Property Market. Watch Episode 3: Interest Rates.

Intimate Real Estate Conversations between Adrian Abel, CEO of Abel Property and Ross Hunter, CEO of One Degree Consulting.

Screening Tenants by Angelina Tucci

How to find the best tenant
First impressions count when selecting a new tenant, and that is why we like to conduct all of our own viewings ourselves. That way, we can meet, screen and assess the tenants from the minute we meet them. You can tell a lot from a person just by meeting them:


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