5 tips if you’re selling over the holiday season by Claude Iaconi

Should you sell during the Christmas break? As we head into the festive season Sellers start to question whether they should sell before the Christmas break or hold off until the new year when buyers are refocused. Traditionally, the holiday season tends to be a quiet time for real estate with many

Have You Considered The Auction Method?

The auction process can be stressful, exciting and rewarding depending on which side of the fence you sit. Regardless of the outcome, there are certain rules, processes and conditions that both bidders and sellers should be aware of going into an auction that can help keep emotions in check and mak

Preparing Your Property for the Market – Claude’s Top 5 Tips

Want to sell quickly and for the highest possible price? So does everyone. But after working with hundreds of property sellers over the years there are home presentation strategies that work and those that don’t! It’s important to get your property sale right. So do it right the first time. Follow

Sell before buying or buy before selling?

It’s a question that often comes up when looking to move to a new home. While there are certain obvious advantages of selling your existing home first, there can also be ben­efits when the situation is reversed. Abel Property Director Claude Iaconi explained the pros and cons for both to help indiv

Homes staged to perfection

Presenting a home as attractively as possible before putting it on the market is nothing new; a fresh coat of paint, clearing the clutter and sprucing up the gardens are all part of selling a home. Home staging, however, takes the idea of making a home look more attrac­tive to a whole new level, by

Why local legs are best

There’s no denying the internet is a powerful tool when harnessed correctly. However it can be full of inaccurate information which can be potentially misleading. It’s a great place to start when it comes to searching for the next home of your dreams, however there’s no replacement for a local agen


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