Landlord Insurance by Angelina Tucci

Why do you need Landlord Insurance? Would you give the keys to your car to a complete stranger if your car had no insurance? As we cannot guarantee your tenant’s behavior or predict future changes in their circumstances, we insist that you have a comprehensive Landlord Insurance Policy. Are you cov

Screening Tenants by Angelina Tucci

How to find the best tenant First impressions count when selecting a new tenant, and that is why we like to conduct all of our own viewings ourselves. That way, we can meet, screen and assess the tenants from the minute we meet them. You can tell a lot from a person just by meeting them: how well t

Water Usage by Angelina Tucci

How does the water usage invoicing work? Many owners ask why am I paying for the tenant’s water usage? If you own a house, townhouse or villa and the water is separately metred, then the tenants will be liable to reimburse you for the cost of their water usage. We usually recommend that the water u

Why You Need Professional Photography by Angelina Tucci

How to prepare your home for professional photography Renting Your Property? You’ll need to prepare your property for professional photography. Professional photography is important to ensure your property stands out. In this competitive market with tenants having so many options and so much to cho

Routine Inspections by Angelina Tucci

Why do we need to do routine inspections? The purpose of the routine inspection is to ensure that your tenants are maintaining the property to a very good standard. And, also to assess for any maintenance that may be required. Timing of inspections The first inspection is carried out at the 6-8-wee

Furnished or Unfurnished by Angelina Tucci

Do you lease your investment property out furnished or unfurnished? This is a key question facing investors which can be analysed by comparing the benefits with disadvantages. If you find a blank canvas too plain and believe your empty investment property will be a turn off for potential tenants, y


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