Does The Media Affect The Property Market?

Does the media affect the property market? Yes, it does. Buyers are sensitive to press, and when the front page of the local newspaper or headline news report says, “the market has bottomed out”, or “green shoots of optimism” etc., then buyers are going to pay attention and so too are sellers.  Mark

When Is The Right Time To Market?

  There are three main things to think about when choosing the right time to go to market: When does your house look great? Some houses really reflect well in the summer. When you have lots of bright light, patios, pool, and entertainment areas. Others reflect particularly well in winter, wh

Eastern States Property Bubble So What?

There’s general conjecture in the market place about if and when the eastern states (primarily Melbourne and Sydney) have topped out in the market and whether or not they are going to see a fall. In WA (3000 odd km away) how does this conjecture affect us? It actually does, but in a subtle manner.

Is Spring really the best time to sell?

Getting the timing right for putting your house on the market could be the key to its selling success.  Currently it’s the middle of winter, it’s raining, cold and lot of our clients are starting to express that they’d like to wait until Spring to list their property. This is topical and it’s real.


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